PayPal Cash Withdrawal In Nigeria Tips/Secrets Finally Unleashed

[ 4 ] February 24, 2013 |
First of all and to be sincere with you,withdrawing your fund from your PayPal account while you are in Nigeria needs patience,careful observations as it is not so that easy but I’m here today to show you how you can really get your  PayPal cash into your Nigeria bank account without much ado but remember that I told you to be very careful.
Below are some great tips to follow  and kindly read the end of this writeup to see how I can really help you out with this as well and I will advise you  to carefully look into the tips below:

Tip 1 :Look for someone in Nigeria that uses and need paypal cash.Exchange with Liberty or let him/her pay you in Naira into your bank account while you fund his/own PayPal account.
For example,I do buy legitimate paypal cash and pay in Naira.

If it was Liberty Reserve that was exchanged for you,sell your Liberty Reserve Cash to  people that need it or just sell it exchangers  like,e,  and other ones  and they will surely pay into your account  without some speculated time if your PayPal cash didn’t have any problem else they will refund it back into your account.

Tip 2: You can transfer your paypal money to a friend’s account in abroad that stays in a country where paypal is accepted.All you need to do is to forward your money into his/her own paypal account and your friend will cash it to its own bank account and later send you your money through Western Union transfer or Wire Transfer or MoneyGram.
N.B: The person that will be doing this for you must be a reliable and trustworthy person.


Tip 3:Another proven method is to render services such as funding of other people’s paypal account  i.e. whenever a person needs his paypal account funded, you will just tell the person to send you naira in exchange for paypal dollars and all you will need doing is to forward  the dollar from your paypal account to the person’s account.

Tip 4 : You can use your paypal to buy things online  or help people to make payment on sites that accept PayPal as such of those sites are  and some other sites but you have to be extra careful when you want to do this in such a way that I will advise you to have two different types of PayPal accounts viz  USA Verified PayPal account  and a non-european paypal or two of any of the  two but I prefer you having two non-european PayPal accounts such that you will be storing PayPal Cash in one while you will be using the second one to make payment for people in such a way that you will just be sending paypal cash needed to make your transaction successfully into  it from your second paypal.

N.B:Don’t always use your PayPal account to pay for long time webhosting such as a year or more but you can use it for monthly webhosting.
Don’t use it to make payments on site like except you are using it for freelancer account that has the same name as it is on the PayPal account that you want to make use of.

Tip 5:Better still,get a Usa Payoneer Mastercard from[Supports Nigeria]  or  that from[USA only but a Nigerian can as well get it] and use it your verify your Usa paypal account and you will be able to transfer your cash to your card  account and then  collect your cash on any ATM machine all over the world even in Nigeria in naira denomination but this procedure is a very long time [ up to 2 months or in less than 1 month if you use DHL to ship your card to Nigeria which you will be able to collect within 3 days] process but it is still one of the best.

Anywhich way,you can contact me on  08039614606 or  08091833866 if you want me to specially put you through this process.

P.S:Now that I’ve shown you some ways,you are left to choose the one that suite you the best and don’t forget that youcan become a proud owner of your own verified PayPal account plus everything you need to operate your PayPal account from Nigeria without it being closed  by doing nothing other for you to just pay my company to securely get everything done for you and delivered to you by reading details here at:

P.P.S:As long as your paypal account is genuine and has no fraudulent link,I can buy your PayPal Cash from you if I need or connect you with the proper channel  here in Nigeria as I do not want to directly recommend just anyone or company in Nigeria to you for now as anything can change with time.

I’m commited to Your PayPal Success In Nigeria

Adesida Olusegun aka PRESEGS

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  1. mohammed says:

    How much will you buy PayPal from me?

  2. Chioma says:

    Pls i need paypal fund regularly, can i buy from you? I am really watchful not to buy from hackers.

  3. arush says:

    thank u so much for ur tips it will help us in many ways … will also control our patience towards fund withdrawn from PayPal cash in Nigeria…thanks a lot for sharing your secrets with us

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