How To Prevent Unauthorized Charges On Your Card Linked To Your PayPal Account

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It is no longer news that PayPal has finally accepted and listed Nigeria among the officially supported countries to be using PayPal along other nine(9) countries on the 18th of June 2014 going by Nigeria time.Since then,many a Nigerians including my humble self have opened and verified their PayPal account even though it has restrictions of not been able to receive fund/money but can only send and make payment.
Lots of Nigerians have been complainning to me on the issue of getting charged automatically which is the reason I’m here today to show you some preventing measures to take in preventing your ATM card linked to your Nigeria PayPal Account from being charged anyhow as you might not know you subscribed to some re-occuring billing(s) or automatic billing(s) when making payment online with your Nigeria PayPal account but before I proceed,I will like you to meditate on this quote I found so motivating this morning; “The past is the past. Don’t let it kill you. Get over the bad things that happened. It’s gone…People change…Time Changes but Memories remain. But it’s time to move on.” ― Unknown

That is that and let’s continue with our main business of today of which the two(2) solutions I recommend are:

1. Using supplementary cards that are not directly linked to your bank account of which examples of such cards are UBA Africard,Zenith surfer,Payoneer Mastercard among other few ones you might know.You will only need to load any of the card with equivalent amount of money you want to pay online each time you want to make any payment(s) with your PayPal account.That way,you are a safe!

N.B:You can add any of those cards to your PayPal account either by using it to verify your PayPal account or just add it as second card to your PayPal if you’ve previously used cards like that of GTBank to verify your PayPal account.After adding any of the cards such as UBA Africard,Zenith sufer,payoneer or any other one to your PayPal,remember to set it as Primary Card meaning it is from the card any money you will be paying or sending will be charged.

2. Having different kind of accounts with your favourite bank and setting one as your primary account which your ATM card used to verify your PayPal account will be connected to so that you can always move equivalent amount of money you want to pay online with your PayPal into from other bank account(s) where you’ve saved your money.

Taking for example,I have five(5) accounts with GTBank all loaded into one Internet Banking profile meaning I have access to all the accounts using one token device to operate them.I have current,savings and student account including Dom & Target accounts.I linked the only GTBank naira mastercard I have to my savings account which I don’t move money into except whenever I want to withdraw money from ATM or make any payment online with my card.It is the card that I used to verify my own Nigeria PayPal account meaning that any re-occurring billing or automatic billing will not go successful if attempted because I don’t leave money in the account and with that,I’m safer and you’ll be safe if you follow my footstep.

That is that!

Lest I forget,you can always do routine checks on automatic billings on your Nigeria PayPal account to cancel them by logging into your PayPal.Once you login,click on Profile > My Money & then preapproved payments to see where you can view them all with Cancel button clickable if you wish to cancel any of the automatic billings.

I hope you really found those tips useful and I implore you to apply them please because “prevention is better than cure” as well know.

Do not hesistate to post your REPLY using the comment form below if you have any question,complaint and request as I will surely be glad in seeing how to be of utmost assistance to you.

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