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You are greatly here at this hour though what you are about reading about self improvement is proudly brought to your stable by Jon Chydyebere who happens to be of the happy reader of this blog joyfully voluntered to share what he has with you all.I say kudos to him though you too can forward your beneficial and unique article(s) to us via

That is that and without wasting time,If we have to define self improvement we will have a whole lot  of definitions.Individually we have different view of self improvement .
So to me self improvement is failure plus positive correction that leads to success.
There is no improvement without failure,no success without positive corrections;they are directly proportional.

For a better understanding,imagine a student without attending classes(total failure is expected from such a student.).With that,Self improvement is ( myself + failure + correction equal success) as every success story must have a failure but what defines the success can be termed as self improvement.

Basically,there are three steps to self improvement which are:

RECOGNITION:You must be able to recognise your areas of failures and your areas of weaknesses.

CORRECTION:After you have admitted that you do have a problem,next line of action is making amends ,seeking assistance is ok if u can’t correct the mistake yourself as you need to work or learn from people that are better than you are either working with them or learning from them.

DETERMINATION is then the final step in which without determination,all of the above highlighted steps become nothing but a waste.In short,always be determine to be better and the sky will surely be your limit.

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  1. Amy says:

    This is another great addition to my research on self improvement. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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