Step By Step Guide On How To Easily Get Your Own USA Phone Number(s) Even Without Paying A Penny

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It’s my pleasure seeing you here today and we shall be looking into “How To Easily Get Your Own USA Phone Number(s) Even Without Spending A Penny” while you are in any part of this world for Making & Receiving Call(s),Sending & Receiving Text Messages FREE of Charge To Any USA  & CANADIAN lines &  to other countries still using the USA line(s) for as cheap as anything at the best and affordable rate(s).

You will agree with me that having a USA number is a very useful thing especially if you are into online business or if you’ve been looking for cheaper way(s) of communicating with your loved ones abroad especially in USA & Canada because you’ll be able to communicate with them be it via call(s) or text(s) for free and at very cheap & affordable rates to other countries around the globe with your own USA number at the end of this guide.

Just carefully follow the steps that you are going to be shown one after the other and it’s 100% guaranteed that you’ll shout “Eureka!I got it done” at the end of the day I assure you.
In short,once you have a USA local phone number, your friends and relatives in the US will be able to dial you up from their landline or regular cell phones without paying international rates and you can as well dial them up or even text them with your own line.The calls can be forwarded to your local mobile line,skype on your PC or mobile phone and some sorts of other mobile phone applications that I’m going to unleash as well as we proceed.

Note that I’m not talking about service offered by SKYPE called Skype-In (also known as Online Number) where you can get a local phone number for USA as it is costly though SKYPE application will as well be useful in this scenario.Aside that,you can use your USA phone number to do what google calls 2-step verification which you can learn more about and as well see how to get it done here so as to prevent hackers from entering into your gmail account or make use of any google applications that allow logging in with gmail account login details without your consent.

As a matter of fact,I’ve previously tried different ways of getting a USA phone number online so that I can be using it for verifications online which will prompt for call or text but most of them seems not effective and those that are effective are either expensive & as well cumbersome for any lay man to make use of.Aside that,you can only receive call(s) with most of them and you cannot call or send text.With the breakthrough of getting my own USA phone number(s),I do make and receive calls,send texts and as well receive texts.

With my USA phone number,I do contact my loved ones,business partners,companies that I’m working with,my domain & website hosts and most importantly to call PAYPAL customer care line [PayPal is my No.1 and trusted Online Merchant Account that I so much love with the way they operate & I’ve never lost any cash to them since I’ve been operating my verified PayPal Accounts from Nigeria since 2009] for any of my complaints or errors on my account and the speed at which they do resolve my issue(s) do marvel me compared to my stories whenever I log in my complaints to my banks here in my country.

That gave me the audacity to be able to come up with  where I do give out tips on how to operate verified PayPal Account Successfully From Nigeria & other unsupported countries without being blocked or limited.
Hmmm!Pardon me for digressing from our main point but I have to make reference to that so that you too can see one of the reason(s) you need to get your own USA phone number processed now that you are about to lay your hand on my STEP BY STEP GUIDE OF GETTING YOUR OWN USA PHONE NUMBER titled usphone
“USA Phone Number Demysified”

To be sincere with you,I initially decided giving away this e-book without collecting a dime but I later considered some factors out of which are (1) that FREE things like this are not really appreciate (2)FREE things don’t usually have value(s) which I cannot afford for just anyone to download the e-book (considering the amount of energy,time and money invested before getting this guide compiled) leaving it on any of his/her saving gadget(s) without taking action as I observed that same thing happened to my “Naija PayPal Secrets & Guides” ebook that I’ve been giving for free which you can as well download your copy here at if at all you haven’t downloaded your copy.

Lucky you being here on this page today & since I’ve decided not giving away this e-book for free,can you suggest the cost of getting this e-book will be like.N10,000[Ten Thousand Naira]?Capital NO…It is not though it worth this price.
N5,000  [Five Thousand Naira]?Capital NO …It worths more than that but its original price tag or cost is  N3,000 or $20

To lay your hand on a copy of this EBOOK now,make an ATM/Internet Banking transfer or visit any nearest branch of the banks listed below and pay the sum of N3,000[Three  Thousand  Naira only].

The banks are listed below:

1.GTBank [Guaranty Trust Bank]

Account Name: Adesida Olusegun
Account No: 0035948383


Account Name: Adesida Olusegun
Account No: 3065162650



Account Name: Adesida Olusegun

Account No: 2062136343

using your valid email as your depositor name if you want to appear anonymous or use your real name as your depositor name if you do not want to be anonymous.

INTERNET BANKING TRANSFER IS ALSO ALLOWED.WE ALSO ACCEPT OTHER MEANS OF PAYMENT such as Payza,PerfectMoney, & PayPal but you need to CONTACT US if you want to use any of the modes of payment highlighted above by just sending $20.

After making your payment,kindly text your (1) EMAIL  or REAL NAME  as the case might be or as you like & (2) TELLER NO  to  2348039614606.

Better still,you can as well send those details to and your package(s) will be delivered into your email at most within 24hrs after confirming your payment i.e after confirming that you truely made payment into any of the accounts above.GuaranteeShould you have any question(s) or comment(s),feel free to scroll down a little bit & make use of comment box below.


To Your Success

Presegs Adesida

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