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Before i give you the six steps to recover your lost cash online, permit me to outline six reason why you were scammed online, because you will understand the solution much more if you can tress the cause.

   1. You were looking for fast cash with no risk
    2. You wanted a cheap road to success
    3. You didn’t have a mentor but rather, a tormentor.
    4. You were looking for foc money
   5. You were not consistent
   6. You were looking for how to make $100 daily without investing a dime which is not possible

Now you can see the reason why you have been scammed and believe me, if not all, then at least 4 of those reasons apply to you.
now the solution

The 6 steps to recover your lost cash online

I want you to take your time and digest this information because you will never find it anywhere else on the internet,
step one
Get your computer ready for business: This is the very first step to recover your lost cash back,  If possible format your system or get a new system that will work normally to your test.
step two
Get your internet connection ready: Stop the search for free browsing except you just want to use it for normal browsing not for business. Get yourself a modem or a GPRS compatible Nokia phone and subscribe to any internet bundle. Even N1000 monthly bundle will do for a start.
step three
Get yourself a capital: There is no online business without investment that will yell,  For now, i will advise you get at least N5,000 for a start, following my steps.
step four
Get yourself a mentor: Call your mentor and discuss your interest in online business and let he/she advise you on certain roads to take. I know you dont have one, dont worry, just read on.
step five
Get yourself a business online: This is the point where 95% of Nigerians Enterprenuers fail. There is a difference between a business and a money making opportunity. When you see a money making opportunity you can rush in but you mush have a business. There are several businesses online in which you can start with, And im going to give you 8 businesses in step 6 which will yell in no time. Pls note that you have to follow the steps accordingly as explained in step six.
step six
follow the professors: Do you know that the most powerful word in the world is the word “experience”
Before i talk about experience as the most powerful word in the world, let me outline the 10 powerful businesses that will make you hate yourself for ever patronizing the scammers.

In view of all these,visit  to read and study this business concept.
To your success! !!
Presegs Adesida

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