The strategy of Wealth Creation

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Creating Wealth has been proven effective and working over the time
and for christians,I endeavour every one to tap into this.

If you are to enjoy the unspeakable wealth that was given to father
Abraham,you just have to follow these simple laid-down principles.

This wealth made available to us through Christ Jesus if you would
only beliave in Him and act on these principles.

Charity(love) + Tithing & Giving + Work which will give you access to Wealth.

Let us look into each of them now:
Charity–First you have to love God sincerely(1 corinthians 16 vs 22)
and everyone around you;this is a command so that when you pray He
listen’s(Mark 11 vs 24-25).With charity or let me say love of others
in your mind,you will have the right mind of giving.

Tithing–Concerning this one,kindly go through Malachi 3 vs 8 to get
more insights

Giving–Luke 6 vs 28

Work–2 Thess 3 vs 6-13

Wealth– Deut 8 vs 18

The finally stop think lack and persevere and have FAITH(do God’s work).

Remember this is a principle,you don’t go by it no result

Quote;Nothing will take the place of Persistence,not even Talent.
There is nothing as common as unsuccessful men with talent and what is
meant by that if you might want to ask me: “It means that you are
bound to be successful once you have a talent or discover your talent
as there is no man without a single talent”


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