"Tips On How To Make Money Strictly by Buying & Selling Liberty Reserve Only"

[ 0 ] September 3, 2012 |
Welcome back and I wish you a Happy New Month of September and we shall both end it together as we’ve started it together.Back to the main business,
I got to realize that you,myself and others must have been asking this question:
“How can one make money wit Liberty Reserve without doing the following:
1.HYIP and investment companies
2.Sending Money to other people’s account
3.Referral stuffs(paid n free signup)
4.Selling stuffs online
and anything that seems unrealistic.”
ISN’T IT?Yes I guess but
I want to share How I do make money from Libery Reserve by selling and buying it for YOU anyone to start this business as well without even no investment in term of startup capital.

What you need to make more profit are:

1.A free Liberty Reserve Account

2.Bank Account[though still optional but it is neccessary.

3.ID be it Voters card,Driver License,National ID card or International Passport plus any utility bill and bank statement of any little amount just to proof that you have a Bank Account

4.Access to the Internet either on your own PC or Cafe or a phone symbian phone to be precise that can run at least OPERA MOBILE 10

5.Business name though optional or let me say customers with the help of your marketing strategy which having a business name will boost.

6.An office or website though they are optional as you can have your house or hostel as consulting office or just make your phone your office but never scam anyone as you must fund their account once they pay and youve confirmed their payment as fast as possible.

Hot hint:You can even get yourself INTERNET BANKING kit with token for checking payment[remove bank alert to reduce monthly charges on your account] and for you to place quick orders from some sites and individuals that work faster.

Finally where and how to get Liberty Reserve cash at lesser price and resell at higher price.
I can remember one time that I bought LR at
N169 per dollar on a site and sold it at most current price than at 180 and 185 naira per dollar though you might think that the profit is small but that is where the money lies as it is just like RECHARGE CARD business where the more you sell,the more money you make which can be boosted with strategy.

Thanks for your reading pleasure.Do you have one or two question(s) to ask meconcerning what I’ve posted above,feel free to post it as comment using the form below and I will endeavour to reply you.

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