Here Are Uncommon Tips of Cloaking Your Affiliate Link(s) As An Affiliate

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Anyone that is into or has been into affiliate marketing will understand & cherish what we are about unleashing.We are as well sure that this will also be of great importance to you even if you’ve never partake in any affiliate marketing programme.

AffiliateimagesBefore we proceed,let us tell you a little bit about affiliate marketing in the online sense though it is almost the same when done offline;It is the very type of online business in which you’ll be paid commission based on the number of people in most setting must buy before you get paid.You might want to ask how the company or business you are working with will know that you’ve been the one directing people to them but we are glad to let you know that they are always tracked by a unique link called affiliate link or hoplink that will be given to you when you initially sign up with them.But one thing that is guaranteed is that some of those companies might intentionally or mistakenly be wasting or stealing your referrals though some outside thieves might also be trying to steal your referrals using some scripts,tips or tricks but the ultimate solution is to cloak your link by mask forwarding it with domain that relates with what you are promoting or just get a generic one.

To do what I called mask forwarding above,you need to carefully get at least a .info or other extention domain names from domain seller that supports forwarding of domain as not all registrant has that feature but I know godaddy has.After paying for the domain,copy your long affiliate link as you go into your domain control panel looking for the forward link.Once you locate the forwarding link,click on it after which you’ll be prompted to select just forwarding or mask forwarding but carefully select the latter & you’ll be asked to input your link that you’ll love to mask forward with some other information required.Just submit as required of which you’ll see the effect after some minutes.

Example of a domain used to mask forward an affiliate link is & we bet it with you that 99% of people won’t know that it is an affiliate link if not now that we’ve just unleashed it.

Congrats as you’ve done that securing your affiliate link & we wish you more turnovers.We as well wish you best as you implement what we’ve just unleashed to you though do not forget to use the COMMENT box below to ask any question or add spices to this precise update.


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