What are the businesses I can do in 2013 that requires no start-up capital?

[ 4 ] January 15, 2013 |
I got to realize that most people asked this same question of how they can start their own very business without the need for start-up capital last year but most were doomed because they didn’t get the right answer to their question.Here comes another year 2013 and I got to understand that people are still asking this same question but thank your luck for being here to day to discover businesses you can do in 2013 that requires no start-up capital as I’ve tried my very best to culled out some wonderful ones you can select from to start right away so as to be financially independent towards being wealthy.
Kindly note that it is not that you won’t have to invest in terms of transport, Internet, day to day running and so many other unexpected expenses is what I mean by “No start-up capital”. With that noted,listed below are few among other businesses that you can start:

 SALES AGENTING: This is a very easy one.If you are good in sales, make yourself employable by offering to become a sales agents to organization based on commission. In this case you break the barrier between the retailers and manufacturers by dealing with the retailers directly in this case, you serve as a link between the manufacturer and the retailer, they buy goods cheaper from you and you will also become one of the company’s top sales man/wholesaler. If you are impressive, the organization may employ you or could become one of their top suppliers.

ESTATE AGENTING: This involves little or no experience, all you need to do to get started is acquaint yourself with estate Agents around you, get to understand the terms in building and estate management, (go and read online and get to know more from the estate agents) know the business, get properties from estate agents, advertise online, get contacts online, if you get more clients for the agents, they will welcome you gladly into their community and you can start with friends, associates, families, neighbours, church member etc (they are all your first customers because you are well known to them)

MARKETING:In this case you could become a marketer to an organization by marketing their services, get clients and you get paid depending on the number of clients you bring as disussed with the management.

SOCIAL MEDIA EXECUTING: This involves little experience in social media and engaging people online, on social media platforms like facebook, twitter, google + and so on  If you have a good online presence like a lot of friends on facebook, lots of followers on twitter etc you could help people manage their pages on facebook or use your facebook and twitter to advertise for people, to do this, you need a good understanding of the social media.

DRY CLEANING: You can wash or dry clean for people and get paid, you dont have to do the washing, get people to wash and iron, charge the customers pay your workers, You are one step in becoming an entrepreneur in the business of Dry cleaning

ARTICLE WRITING: If you are skilled In writing articles, stories, Inspirational words/ quotes, poems etc you can convert your writing skills into money making skill, by writing for bloggers, websites, magazines, newspapers etc. you can start this as a freelancer on freelancer.com or just find your way to fiverr.com and master it.

ADVERTISING BUSINESS ONLINE: This is a smart way of making money by helping businesses or businesses owners advertising their good and services online, So many business want to get their businesses online but don’t have the time or don’t know how, in this case, you create an email address for their business, help them advertise on facebook, twitter, nairaland and some classified websites

COMPUTER INSTRUCTING: All you need is a good knowledge of the computer and some programs like MS Word, MS Excel, Power point, Corel Draw , Photoshop etc

GRAPHIC ARTISTING: What is involve in this kind of business is good knowledge of Graphics packages like Corel Draw, PhotoShop etc and a creative mind. To get started, offer free designs at first, post some of your port folio online let people get to see your work, (remember to put your contacts)

PRIVATE HOME TEACHING: This is a job any graduate can handle or should be able to handle when searching for jobs instead of sitting , sleeping and waiting for that dream job in Shell, MTN or banks. If you are smart, you can handle at least 10 kids in a week, at the end of the month you should be earning something equivalent to a teller in a bank

HOUSE PAINTING: It requites no capital but also requires skills, so get the skill to get the job

JACK OF ALL TRADING (HUSTLING): This kind of job can make you rich fast and it can also land you in jail, what it means is you are virtually into anything or everything that comes your way be it photography, tailoring, mechanics, web design, sales agent, engineer etc because you know someone that can get it done, you get your commission from them.

WEB DESIGNING: As simple as it sounds,it involves a good skill to be able to design websites,create blogs and so on but I’m glad to tell you that it is easy to learn if you search the internet or just get a tutor to train you.Even if you do not have money to pay for trainning fee,just try to look for some clients for the website designer that you want him/her to train you while you bargain base on your commission to get you trained but you have to be smart in your dealings with him/her.

HAIR DRESSING : If you have idea in hair dressing, making of hair or hair styling, you can grow to become a multi-million naira beauty shop without start up capitals, All you need is the skills, Start with people around you, your friends, neighbour etc offer home services (people love comfort) and before you know it, If you are REALLY REALLY good, your clients will be booking one week before hand just to have you give them that smashing look.

MAKEUP ARTISTING: It involves skills and good knowledge in makeup artistry. Start with relatives, family members, church or mosque members, ex classmates etc

SCRIPT WRITING: If you are experienced in Script writing, be popular and make money by selling script and also make an impact in this ever growing Nollywood, You may be short paid or cheated at first but your work will speak volume after

MUSIC: Of course we all know whats happening in the Music Industry, You could write/compose songs for artist and get paid or go into music full time (that is if you have something good to hit the market)

Master of Ceremony popularly known to as MC: This is one career you should consider either full time or part time if you are eloquent, a good talker, fluent in speaking or funny, To get started you can start from friends gathering, friends party, church, mosque party or gathering, family party or meetings, etc

PHOTOGRAPHY: Though it seems and looks easy but there are skills attached to taking pictures.

TYPING: If you are fast in typing you can offer to type projects, quotations, manuscripts etc for individuals and organizations

COMEDY and so many other ones to mention but a few. 
See you there to be financially independent and wealthy this year 2013 and beyond as you use your intellectual to select any of the above listed businesses.

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  1. Sliyng says:

    I did hustle awhile
    I would help People Buy and Sell Offline with a Charge from both seller and buyer.
    I am presently earning as a sales Agent and trust me, Its the best Job i can avail myself for now.
    The Capital investment was around N20k from the beginning and profit didnt come up high until like 6Months After.
    Providing consistent service helps grow customers base


  2. Anonymous says:

    i leave an lagos, and need some one who could teach me how t print voucher, One on one

  3. abiola says:

    please can you tell me sites i can import phones and pcs and tabs from in US,wanna speak with my brothers to help raise fund

    • Presegs Adesida[ADMIN] says:

      Sorry that I’m getting this late.
      There are lots of stores online where you can get phones,pcs and tabs from in USA.Being in Nigeria,you will to get for yourself a USA address where your goods will be shipped to initially before being forwarded to you here in Nigeria because most stores in USA don’t ship to Nigeria.Just put your search through google.com.
      I will as well advise you to checkout sites like dhgate.com,aliexpress.com,madeinchina.com and so many other one where you can even get free shipping to Nigeria.

      Do not hesistate to ask more question(s) should you have to and thanks for checking in.
      Presegs Adesida[ADMIN] recently posted…Step By Step Guide On How To Easily Get Your Own USA Phone Number(s) Even Without Paying A PennyMy Profile

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