What does Site Flipping means?

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You need to know that Site-flipping has been around for a quite a long time now. Ever since the general public was able to register their own domains and build their own websites, there has likely been site-flipping happening. Because it has been around so long, it has evolved and turned into an industry of its own with thousands of people making their living online by flipping sites.
In case you are not familiar, I will give a brief description of exactly what site-flipping is. Site-flipping is the act of selling a website that you have created or acquired at an earlier time. The biggest factor in determining the market value of a website that you are flipping is its monthly income. Industry standard is to pay 12 to 18 times the monthly income for a website, but this rule is not hard and fast.

There are several different site flipping techniques being used. Some site-flippers will try to acquire what they believe are under-performing websites, work on them for a month or two to increase the traffic and income, possibly give them a nicer design and then flip them for much more than they paid for them. Kind of like those house flipping shows.
Other site-flippers will try to purchase websites that are making an income for lower than 12 times its monthly income and turn around and flip them immediately for a larger amount for an instant profit.
Another very common way that site-flippers operate is to build their own niche sites, get them ranking and getting traffic and flip them within 3 to 6 months or even sometimes even a year later. This may be my favorite method, but it is obviously not the fastest if you are looking for quick cash. However, it is the cheapest if you don’t have money starting out to invest in already established sites.

Don’t tell me that you don’t know what site flipping means when next I ask you though this is an introduction.
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