What Is Google AdSense And Why should I neccessarily use it?

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You might have heard and we know that it is a way to make money, but what is AdSense?

To understand first what is AdSense, you’ll have to read a brief summary of AdWords.

Google is a program for advertisers called AdWords. This program offers website owners can advertise with the creation of a small or a big announcement (text or image) and then will be shown to participating sites, and Google. This creates a great opportunity to increase visitors to your website and business, because the ad is placed all over the Internet and Google. Advertisers can set a budget and will be charged each time someone clicks on their ads. This is an inexpensive way to generate targeted traffic to your website and is also a quick way to get traffic.

So now it is Google AdSense?

Google has another program called AdSense, which allows website owners to advertise on their blog / site. It’s 100% free and it is very easy to register. When you create an account, you can choose from a wide variety of ads that can be placed on your blog / site. Each ad can be tuned and setup to match your site layout and niche. Once you have advertising on your site, you can earn money for each click on your ads receive. The amount per click depends on the type of ad is the amount the advertiser pays for each click, keyword and category. You can earn cents all the way to a dollar for every click.

Why Google AdSense?

For me personally, Google AdSense has always been one of the main participants to earn money online. If you use other “make money online” blogs, most of the talk about AdSense and how you should use. This is because actually doing the work, and has proven to be the work of many bloggers and website owners. Not only is 100% FREE to register, but it is very easy to use and install. You can start immediately and is also a ton of advanced techniques that you can learn that will help to increase performance. It did not happen overnight, but with hard work and passion for your blog / website, you can create a lot of money with AdSense. You can earn a few dollars more per month, or even replace your day job for AdSense revenue.

Some tips when using AdSense

* Read and follow the policy of using AdSense

* Do not place ads all over and make your site look spam

* Blend your ads to fit available

* Search for keywords and filter to help increase revenue

* Use the large square ad for most effective results

* Test, test and keep testing until you find a configuration that has the most successful

* Keep track of your ads with the channel.

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