‘What kind of businesses can you do while still working?’

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I’m only going to provide a list right now. Later on i’ll go into details and share some experiences of people that are actually doing this businesses while still employed as bankers, analysts, consultants, engineers and all sorts everywhere.
1. Dry-cleaning
2. Party rentals
3. Party Drinks supplies
4. Real Estate Agency – sale and rental of property
5. Creche
6. Supermarket
7. Grocery Store
8. Frozen foods store/Meat mart
9. Small Business Consultancy – feasibility studies and business reports
10. Fashion supplies
I recommend
1.GOOGLE ADSENSE which you can read more about on this site via HERE
 2.Affiliate Marketing
3.Information marketing and lots more and feel free to reach me on my hotline for more explanations
There are several more. I’m sure we can discuss these till  next time
The real profit is in doing something about it.

Start something today. Free yourself from depending on just one salary.

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