What Will Happen To My Long Time CLICKBANK Commissions?

It’s obvious that promoting products on clickbank is one of the best and easiest way of making money online as there are lots of products that match your area of interest that you can be promoting but from my observations,I came to realize that lots of newbies and even gurus find it difficult in making steady commissions especially at their initial stage either as a result of still being new in the system or they aren’t getting the strategies right.

You will surely agree with me that commission(s) made on any clickbank product(s) promoted will always be displayed in your clickbank dashboard every week in which in a matter of time,you won’t be able to see your previous commission(s) but you can still check it out.You can check the image below to see my own clickbank account dashboard showing a $16 commission that I made from a product yesterday so as to fully understand what I mean by dashboard and how commission(s) is/are being displayed:

This curiosity of getting the professional answer and guide to this from their customer care personnel prompted me to send this message to them some few days back as you can see below;

May 02 10:18 (MDT)
Good day!
I will like to know what will happen to my long time earnings which hasn’t got to my payment threshold set if I didn’t meet up with my threshold in months.
In short,how will I see all those earnings from my account if I can’t see by mere looking at my account homepage.
Yours Faithfully
Adesida Olusegun 
and I got this reply from a customer care personnel after some few days which answers my plight as you too can learn from it as that is one of my main motive of coming up with this  update;
“Thank you for contacting ClickBank Client Advisory Services! We are happy to help you with all of your ClickBank business essentials. Our Client Advisor Maribel has answered your inquiry below. If you have further questions you can either reply to this ticket or give us a call at 1-800-390-6035. Non U.S. residents may reach us at +1 208-472-9400. We look forward to working with you!

Hello Adesida,
Thank you for your inquiry! Upon logging into your account, you are automatically directed to the Dashboard. This page gives you a quick view of your gross sales totals per day over the last week. From this page, you may select the Reporting tab.
Under the Reporting tab are several pages of detailed information regarding the hops, sales, and paychecks for your account. For an overview of past activity by pay period, you can view the Paychecks page. Or you may wish to access your detailed daily sales stats by selecting the Transactions link.
ClickBank sales numbers on the Dashboard and the Transactions page are updated within two minutes of the sale, so both vendors and affiliates can access their accounts at any time to view their up-to-the-minute earnings.
If you are interested in seeing statistics regarding affiliate hop traffic, order form impressions, submits and sales, you can view detailed reports on your traffic on the Analytics page, which is also under the Reporting tab.
Please keep in mind that the Analytics page is not automatically updated like the Transactions page is. Non-sales data, such as hops and impressions that is available on the Analytics page is usually updated every two hours with any new hop and impression data that occurred since the last update. Depending on the amount of information received the Analytics page can be updated as few times as once per 24 hour period, though this is a rare occurrence.
With all of these options for keeping track of your traffic, sales, and upcoming paychecks, you can log in and view the reports that are most helpful to you!
Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.
Best regards,
Client Advisor
I believe that you’ve learnt something new today and I wish you the very best in all your endeavours.
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