"Why I Decided & Promised NEVER to depend on Nigeria"

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Gandhi said and i quote “If we could change ourselves, there is a big tendency the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. … We need not wait to see what others do.”….I think that’s the only solution to the trauma we’re currently going through in our dear country Nigeria as youths and future leaders of tomorrow.We’ve waited too much time complaining, leaving almost no time to put things to work.There’s this common pledge i can’t stop reciting every morning…in fact,you find these pledge everywhere on the walls of my room..it reads..“I promise NEVER to depend on Nigeria”..That’s a little weird..right?…Not as weird as it sounds….
 Since i was 12,I’ve always been opportuned to see things in a different way.Many Generations by virtue of ignorance all their life waited for Nigeria to provide JOBS,FOOD,EMPLOYMENT, SECURITY, SOCIAL AMENITIES and it never came.Must we live all our life hoping?..Must we live all our lives in pain?…I’m not sure its worth it.
Could you please check the picture below and tell me the first thing that came through your mind?

Greatness,fulfillment, Accomplishment, Success…right?…“Then,there must be something they did differently”.

Have you ever thought about these?

What if  Michele said NO to Obama years Ago?
What if Martin Lurther king(Jnr) decided not to fight the oppression of the black men in America?
What if Obafemi Awolowo decided not to introduce free Education?
What if fela Kuti never stood for the course of the common men during the Military Regime?
What if Fela Durotoye decided not to write the book that changed the life of every youths?
What if Messi’s parent decided to kill him when he was young due to his ailment?
What is Kanu decided to hang his boot when he had problems with his heart condition?
What if Toyosi Akerele decided not to be the mouth piece for youths in Nigeria?
What if Agbani Darego’s parent never allowed her to follow her dreams?…and so on

Remember,they all grew up in this odd part of the world we complain bitterly about.In fact,some of these icon encountered challenges more than we complain today. But two things are/were common“DETERMINATION” and “THE ABILITY TO DECIDE WHAT THEY WANTED”. They all have an insight on what they wanted and they were busy working towards them until they had a breakthrough while others were complaining.They never gave distraction a chance to ruin their ambition.

Why not start something now and keep working on it?. It’s very important we all understand that passion has to come first in whatever we are considering right now.Just wake up to represent something,be passionate about it,keep doing it and be determined.You will be surprised at the outcome in 5years.Its high time we understood that there is nothing automatic,everything you see that glisters around you actually took time.That’s is one of those things that scares me about youths these days…..We all want to make it big just in a day.There is a time for sowing, wetting and reaping.

Make sure you don’t allow the circumstances in this country ruin your life.Stay focused in whatever you do. Everybody wants to get to the top and we can only get there through consistency and hard work.

Be truthful to your self,
Be truthful to your future,
Be passionate about what you do,
And be the best you want to be.
Be the change you want to see. 
I believe in you!
No one Else. 

Every Nigerian Dream(END) is Near

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