Will the GTBank Mobile Money be da bomb?

[ 1 ] October 21, 2012 |

I’ve been seeing different concepts from people all around after the

introduction of the cashless policy by the Central Bank of Nigeria and

I’m sure that you too must have seen and still seeing enough.

Is it the Pocket Moni,Etransact,Mobile Money used by Standard IBTC

bank,First Bank and so many others but this GTBank Mobile Money is

more less like coming to rock them all though it’s not been popular

used and officially launched as I observed that it only works for now

with a special kind of Etisalat which will require someone to buy

this sim separately but I’m sure that that is a hitch but I’m

observing some turn around as GTBank is hammering so hard on it since

2 days ago on their facebook page at http://facebook.com/gtbank as I

quote their updates below:

“Join our Twebinar on 22nd October by 10am as we tell you how your

mobile phone can become your new bank, offering you easy unlimited

access to your funds 24/7.”

“The World has gone mobile, so have we. Your mobile phone can become

your new bank, offering you easy unlimited access to your finances

24/7. Join us on 22nd October by 10am and we will tell you more.”

We will tell you all you need to know about

#GTBankMobileMo ney on Monday, October 22, at 10:00am.

Let’s wait and see what they are up to till then but before then,I

will advise you to click on the links below to download GTBank Mobile

Money Application unto your mobile phone:

Mobile Money Download Links for

Android phones here- http://bit.ly/GTBankANDROID

Java enabled & symbian phones here at-


BlackBerry OS5 here at – http://bit.ly/GTBankBB5

BlackBerry OS6 & 7 here at- http://bit.ly/GTBankBB6

Download and read more information about GTBANK MOBILE BANKING


here at www.legalwealthcreation.com/2012/03/download-gtbank-mobile-banking.html

Best of luck…

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