"Worrying? "Never Worry About Being Limited From Paypal Again…"

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“Never worry about being limited from PayPal Again…”
Only if you understand the PayPal Code…
Nobody is safe From Account Limitation.

The PayPal Code will help you prepare yourself for the inevitable, so you will never have to worry about being limited again.
Dear Internet Marketers & Online Earners,

If you’ve been using PayPal for your Internet Marketing business, there is a high likely hood that you have already been “limited” in the past. Some of you reading this may currently have a limited PayPal account(s).

Don’t worry, I’ve been there a number of times.

I experienced my first limited PayPal account in 2007, even after supplying all of the information request by PayPal , including my SSN, I thought I would be able to get my $1,500 back. WRONG! PayPal politely told me that they no longer wanted to do business with me. Despite the fact that My business was 100% transparent to them. This was a complete hassle. I was supposed to pay my supplier, and other misc bills with that money they were holding. I was totally frustrated and ready to give up.

I thought I was slick by creating new PayPal accounts, using a whole bunch of techniques thinking I would be untraceable.. but PayPal was able to watch my every move, every new account I was able to make, PayPal shut it down, due to being linked with a limited account.

For a while, I quit using PayPal altogether, I started to take Money Order only, then I started using other merchant systems. However, I hate to admit it, none of the services were as easy to use as PayPal.

Over the past 6 years, I have developed a VERY SIMPLE system that will allow me, or anyone, create paypal accounts regardless of having a limited account or not. This system will work for anyone, in any country. It’s very important to have multiple PayPal accounts, if 1 gets limited.. you will have a back up.

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine launched a product. He has had an active PayPal account for about 5 years, with no problems. He was 100% confident that PayPal would not bother him at all. Well, thanks to good marketing in his behalf, when he first launched his product within 12 hours his PayPal account had seen a massive influx of transactions. As a result, PayPal limited his account. He was not prepared either. Eventually, he was able to switch to another online merchant, however it took him a few days. And once you launch, you know the first few days are the most important. Thanks to PayPal limiting his account, he lost literally thousands of dollars.

Had he listened to me, he would have had several PayPal accounts as back-ups, just incase the inevitable happens. And this would have saved him thousands of dollars, and a lot of headache and stress.

Well, what I can say now is that he has learned his lesson, and now he has plenty of Back up accounts.

What will you get and Learn ?

* A Complete comprehensive guide which will EXPOSE the PayPal Code.
* Learn all the technical ways in which PayPal tracks it’s users.
* Learn how to avoid being linked to limited, or suspended accounts.
* This system is much more in depth then just simply “clearing your cookies” which simply will not work.
* Video’s that show the step by step process of some of the technical aspects. (anyone can do this)
* Discover the Top Reasons PayPal limits accounts.
* Discover the top PayPal alternatives.
* Learn WHY you should never link your product or service directly to your PayPal account.
* Learn how to avoid linking services directly to your account.
* A Spreadsheet that will allow you to track all of your accounts.
* A Checklist that will keep you on track.
* If You do get limited, how will you react? I’ll show you the best way to recover from account limitation in as little as 1 minute…literally
* Learn the Best strategies of using PayPal to your advantage!

Whom is this guide for ?

* Anyone who is currently limited by PayPal.
* Anyone who Uses PayPal – it’s good to know what to do, just in case your are limited. ( This will most likely happen at sometime in your IM Career)
* Anyone who has Used PayPal in the past, got limited, and is wondering how to get back on.
* Anyone who does not use PayPal, but would like to start using them.
* Anybody in Any Country will benefit from this!

Why Should I buy this Guide ?
Simply put, PayPal is the largest online merchant in the WORLD. It’s also the most recognized, and one of the most secure payment systems. (And easy to use) There millions of people out there who will NOT buy from you if you don’t accept PayPal. So being able to Crack the PayPal code and never worrying about being limited again is going to be crucial to your success.

Get to me on +2348039614606 if you need this guide or you want me to open a duly verified USA paypal account for you with everything you need to run it successfully


1) My account was limited 4 months ago, will this guide tell me how to get the money out now ?
– No, if your account was limited 4months ago, you’re better off waiting 2 more months to get your money. However, I will show you exactly how to make a new account without being linked to the limited account. If you fail to follow the steps, you’ll never be able to get back onto PayPal again.

2) I have a limited account , and every time I make a new account it gets limited within hours, will this help me ?
– Yes, this guide is all about getting back onto PayPal without being “Linked” to other accounts.

3) My country does not allow PayPal Withdraws, will this help me ?
– Yes, This guide teaches you how to use paypal in countries that won’t allow it.

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